Window Handles Replacement

Window handles replacement is much more cost effective than you may think. Below is a list of the various handle types that we will happily replace at an affordable rate.

Checking for Crank Damage: Once the handle crank wears and tears you may need to replace it; checking for damage is important to keep your at-home windows well-functioning.

Releasing the Window: Careful window release is a specialized process involving the window alignment of crank handles as well as the notch. This ultimately allows our certified window professionals to push out the window by holding the crank arm free, releasing the window completely.

Removing the Crank & Trim: Lifting out the encasing window cover while removing trim screws as well as discarding crank mounting screws will help your window look brand new.

Installation: After replacing worn out trim screws, the installation process can start. Often times old screw holes are stripped, therefore it is important to alight the new crank with the previous holes to make sure the installment is set in place.

Which Window Handle Do I Need?

With a variety of different window handles, Winmax understands the specialized needs of window handles replacement for each customer we assist.

Depending on the window handle replacement needed within your home, the handles may vary. If your window is a UPVC Window, a UPVC window handle is needed, just as Espagnolette Windows require Espag window handles.

Popular Handles Types Include:

UPVC Window Handles: UPVC stands for Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. UPVC window handles use a polyvinyl chloride polymer in order to stabilize incoming UltraViolet rays and heat that may come into contact with window glass. UPVC window and window handles are an extremely useful tool in your home when keeping your comfort and hydro bills in mind.

Espag Window Handles: Espag window handles are specific for espagnolette locking system windows. This locking system uses a flat metal strip located on the window handle and along the locking side of the window for a securely latching.

Window Handles Troubleshooting:

When having trouble with your windows it is important to take a step back and try to analyze the problem.

Sometimes a handle may be blocked, if this occurs in your window it can effortlessly be fixed. First find the metal lever on the side of your window, correspondingly pushing it while moving the window handle. With no fuss, the window will close properly.

Window Handles Replacement Service

Window handles replacement can be a tedious task, that is why we are always here to help. Winmax offers customer-first care and service by our qualified professionals. For more information on our services give us as a call at 1-888-594-6629 or 416-491-4400 or send us an email, and we will be more than pleased to help you.