Casement Windows

Winmax Casement windows are top performing, versatile, classic looking windows that look great alone or in many winning combinations. The sash opens a full 90º for, easy cleaning of both sides of the glass, and come equipped with a full screen for excellent ventilation. Georgian contoured styling enhances the beauty of these high-efficiency casement windows.


Starting From $199



  • Georgian architectural styling, inspired by Greek antiquity of most attractive wood windows of the last 150 years.
  • New generation vinyl window appearance inside and with naturally appealing proportions


  • Highest quality 3 1/4″ primary frames with extensive beautiful options inside and out.
  • Mitred contoured corners without butt joints using only the highest technology


  • No unattractive rubber strips.
  • Acry-Shield glazing technology – solar protected , natural looking.
  • Genuine Schlegel fin-seal, bug maze, and sash interlock for exceptional efficiency.
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Unique “Finished carpentry” appearance with steps and reveals.
  • Brilliantly designed and long lasting sash balances for ease of use greatly exceed AAMA requirements


  • GRADE 40 security. Far beyond the highest Canadian standards of windows against forced entry.
  • This level of security is unique to Hometech.


  • The finest “pure” UPVC formula available. Regrind free.
  • Multi-channel welding at all corners for strong, insulating frames and sashes.


  • 7/8″ overall CARDINAL I.G. sealed units. These avoid and are warrantied against very common and expensive seal failure problems.
  • Cardinal’s superior IG construction translates into a 0.2% seal failure rate over twenty years – plainly the lowest in the industry.


  • Infrared-applied white polyester warm edge seal for top thermal performance and great looks.


  • Truth Hardware has been recognized as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of quality operating hardware.
  • Visit Truth Hardware for more information.


  • Quick-lock tilt in mechanisms.
  • Fibre glass screens are strong and durable while easy to remove.


  • Built In Sash Handle for durability and ease of operational use.


  • Excellent visibility insect screen designed to maximize your outward view.
  • Woven from small, refined yarns that improve the screen’s openness, making visibility sharper and more brilliant.

Glass Performance

IG Type and Coatingvisible lightfade transitionsolarU-Factor
transmittanceexternal reflectanceinternal reflectanceUVISOHeat gain coefficientair fillargon fill



Add the perfect touch to your home by enhancing the natural beauty of your Hometech windows with the perfect colour to complement your home. Our finishes feature the world’s leading nanotechnology are environmentally safe and wonderfully durable. The colours bond at the molecular level for unparalleled beauty and longevity.

Colours with textures

This new and revolutionary textured surface eliminates surface glare and enhances the appearance of depth and solidity. Modern hybrid co-polymer technology actually repels dirt while providing the very latest look to enhance your home. You’ll be amazed.

Decorative Glass


Make your windows appear more prominent by adding exterior brickmoulds.  Hometech offers a variety of brickmoulds.  Match your window’s colour and choose from many different profiles. All brickmoulds come with a built in rubber gasket removing the need to use calking.

Interior Options

Jamb Types

  • Solid vinyl jambs, can be cut down to meet most jamb depth needs.
  • Vinyl Clad Jamb (Wood Wrapped in Vinyl), can be cut down to meet most jamb depth needs.
  • A Variety of Different Wood Jambs (Primed Paint Grade, Pine, Oak, etc.), can be cut down to meet most jamb depth needs.

Vinyl Package Sizes

  • Jamb sizes: 1-1/2″, 2-1/2″, 3-3/8″, 4-5/8″
  • Casing sizes: 2-5/8″, 3-3/8″
  • Rosette sizes: 2-5/8″, 3-3/8″


Finish your windows with just the right touch by incorporating beautiful grillwork of various styles and dimensions. Choose the refined borders of the ‘prairie’ style to the classic beauty of simulated divided lites (SDL’s), which feature the look of individual window framing with an interior spacer bar look as well. Simply beautiful. Or feel free to choose another popular style.


Please Note: Width Sizes – Minimum 16″ to Maximum 36″
Height Sizes – Minimum 16″ to Maximum 80″


Standard Fiberglass

Phiferglass, Phifer’s trademarked fiberglass screening, has been the standard in the industry for decades. All three products are woven from permanent glass yarn, which has been coated with a protective vinyl to ensure lasting beauty, color and flexibility and will not rust, corrode or stain. They are produced under the most exacting conditions to meet rigid specifications and have all passed 1200 hours of QUV accelerated weathering.

Technical Data

  • Standard Widths 24″ to 84″ (60.9cm to 213.4cm); other widths available upon request
  • Standard Roll Length 800′, 600′ and 300′ ROM’s (243.84m, 182.8m and 91.4m); 100′ rolls (30.48m)
  • Standard Colors Charcoal and Silver Gray

Pet Screen

Pet Screen is a heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester insect screening that is ideal for use in high traffic areas. Pet resistant and tear and puncture resistant, Pet Screen is stronger than regular insect screening. It is excellent for use in patio and porch enclosures as well as windows and doors, and installs like regular insect screening.

Technical Data

  • Standard Widths 36″ (91.4cm), 48″ (121.9cm), 60″ (152.4cm), 72″ (182.9cm), 84″ (213.4cm), 96″ (243.8) and 120″ (304.8cm)
  • Standard Roll Length 100′ (30.48m) in all widths and 50′ (15.24m) in all widths except 120″
  • Standard Colors Black


BetterVue insect screen is an improved Visibility screen (iVis) that offers clearer views with enhanced insect screen performance. It is ideal for any situation where homeowners seek a better view with improved airflow and insect protection.

  • Greater openness provides 20% better airflow, allowing light and breezes to flow through
  • 20% more optical clarity for a sharp, more brilliant outward view.
  • Improves light transmittance in low-E glass windows with 10% better insect protection
  • Passed accelerated weathering tests (QUV 1200hrs. and Xenon Arc 2500 Kjs.)
  • GREENGUARD certified
  • Infused with Microban antimicrobial product protection

Technical Data

  • Standard Widths ROM’s: 18″ to 72″ (45.7cm to 182.9cm); 100′ Rolls: 24″ to 84″ (60.9cm to 213.4cm)
  • Standard Roll Length 600′ ROM’s (182.8m) and 100′ rolls (30.48m)
  • Standard Colors Black

Handle Options

Standard Handle

This operator will provide a full 90 degrees of window opening and disconnects easily from the sash for cleaning.


Folding Handle

This operator features a peak operating torque approximately 28% lower than Truth’s Traditional Single Arm Operators (depending on mounting location).


Encore Folding Operator

Encore® Series Nesting Operator Covers Offer A Smooth Contemporary Look Truth’s new “nesting” cover for the Encore Series of operators provides options to an already stylish design. Encore operators give you all the strength and performance characteristics you need in an operator with the flexibility of handle and cover options.

Full-Flip Handle

The Full-Flip Handle design is engineered to help maintain its “open” position without retracting in on itself during operation. The handle provides smooth operation with a more contemporary look when nested and allows for easy screen removal without removing the crank.


StyleMaterialBrand NameProduct NameModelGlazeSHGCEnergy RatingUmetUimpENERGY STAR Zone(s)
High Profile FixedVinylHometechContour Series40020.57351.650.29ABCD
Low Profile FixedVinylHometechContour Series400A20.57391.650.29ABCD
Single HungVinylHometechContour Series25020.53331.790.32ABC
Single SliderVinylHometechContour Series20020.53301.80.32ABC
Double SliderVinylHometechContour Series30020.5311.810.32AB
Casement (single)VinylHometechContour Series10020.43301.690.3AB
Fixed casementVinylHometechContour Series150A20.44281.70.3AB
Fixed casementSteelHometechContour Series15020.42281.670.29AB
Double HungVinylHometechContour Series35020.5311.80.32AB
Awning (single)VinylHometechContour Series12520.45291.740.31AB
Casement (single)VinylHometechContour Series100A20.44301.740.31AB

Energy Efficiency Values

Umet = U-value (W/m_ – K) – The lower the number, the more energy efficient the product.

Uimp = U-value (Btu/h*ft2*F) – The lower the number, the more energy efficient the product.

SHGC = Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – The higher the number, the higher the solar gain.

ER = Energy Rating (W/m2 or dimensionless) – The higher the number, the more energy efficient the product.

The ER (Energy Rating) format was changed to all positive numbers (dimensionless) in October, 2004 by CSA (Canadian Standards Association) to address consumer confusion over negative numbers. The older format had a mixture of negative and positive numbers (W/m2). In our listings, all ER numbers that appear in the older format are shown in bold coloured type. An approximate conversion to the new format can be made by adding 33 to these numbers.