Door Installation Toronto

Entrance doors are not only eye catching, but they also help increase your property’s value while protecting your home from unwanted intruders. Replacing your doors in Vaughan should be done if:

  • The door or frame is broken or cracked and cannot be fixed
  • The door is dented or warped
  • The door does not open or close properly
  • Drafts and other weather elements are getting in
  • It does not hang properly on the hinges

Professional Door Installation in Toronto

Exterior Door Installation

Installing only products intended to meet the performance levels for your job, we eliminate the possibility of installation issues as a result of climate, moisture and use. For example, if your front door is subject to high winds, we’ll always suggest doors with higher design pressure ratings than others.

We Take Into Account Building Codes and Individual Needs.

Front Door Installation by Winmax Windows and Doors

When installing new doors, you should take into account the kind of doors your home will benefit from. Our teams will guide you, helping you choose products which grant enough clearance to meet building codes, and can be installed for accessibility to your home.

Fiberglass Entry Doors Replacement

Entry doors are made of aluminum, wood, or steel. They come in a variety of sizes and colours. Entry doors also have different features and attachment to meet your personal style and entranceway needs. A professional windows and doors contractor in Vaughan can help you choose the right size and type of door for your home and budget needs.

patio door replacement services

At Winmax Corporation, our windows and doors installation professionals will assess your home’s entrance and provide you with the best advice to help you choose the best entranceway door for your home. We have years of experience installing windows and doors in Vaughan and guarantee superior windows and doors installation services in Vaughan. Contact us today for a free door installation consultation.