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Windows Replacement and Installation

Any responsible homeowner should seriously consider installing high quality windows and doors.. They increase your home’s value by elevating curb appeal and cutting down on energy costs. WINMAX is the Greater Toronto Area’s most trusted name in window replacement and installation because of our first-rate customer service and our renowned commitment to quality.

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Windows and Doors Installation for New Construction

Building a new home is stressful and that’s why, starting with your first free consultation, we ensure that every window or door is placed precisely where you want it to be. We don’t believe there should be any compromise over the construction of your new home. We carry all the latest frame colours and materials as well as glass finish options so you can make your home the way you want it.

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Replace Old Windows

If your home has really old windows, you’ll want professionals who are certified to inspect your existing window frames. If there is any rotting wood or even dangerous mould, you’ll want us to remove it immediately before putting in your new windows. Our experienced installers know how to work with every age of home to ensure a snug, watertight fit for your new windows.

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Bow Window Replacement

Bow windows are made up of 4 or more fixed operable windows of equal size. The subtle curves and expanded area of glass will add a beautiful look to any home. Every bow window is custom built on-site by our master manufacturing team. Turning your flat window into a bow window may require additional construction by our skilled teams including a bow roof and skirt.

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Custom Windows Installation

It’s easy to elevate the look of your home with our custom window installation services. Whether you are looking to replace your uniquely shaped existing windows or you are starting from scratch and going for an entirely new look, our master window makers can design the perfect custom windows to enhance the architectural aesthetic of any residence.

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Picture Windows Replacement

A picture window’s primary function is to let light into the room and offer an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape. They not designed to be opened and closed. Our picture windows offer modern styling and a beautiful aesthetic. Triple-seal weather stripping makes our windows compliant with today’s energy efficiency standards.

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Custom Grills and Frames

We can add customized grills and frames to help match the architectural style of any home. Grills installed externally can help create the look of a multi-panelled window without compromising the energy efficiency of your home. We offer an extensive catalogue of colours, materials and thicknesses for all of your custom grill and frame needs.

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Basement Window Replacement

Replacing your old and drafty basement windows is one of the best financial decisions any homeowner can make. These speciality windows are built to withstand the harsh Canadian winters. Our window design experts will replace any basement window no matter the size or thickness of the foundation. With WINMAX, it’s easy to maximize natural light while keeping your basement dry and warm all year long.

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Window Hardware Replacement

Sometimes you need new hardware to ensure that your windows are functioning properly including hinges, locks and other miscellaneous yet essential pieces. We carry the widest range of colours and the finest quality of materials to match any decor style. Our hardware is easy to use and certified with an industry-leading warranty that offers the best security features and durability.

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Exterior Door Replacement

We offer a wide range of panel design and glass options to cover all of your exterior door replacement needs. Our window installation experts work with steel, fibreglass, wood or whatever exterior door type you desire. All of our exterior replacement doors can be painted to match any home’s design and are resistant to rotting, sagging, and warping. Our certified energy-efficient designs also offer the best security features for your peace of mind.

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Patio Door Replacement

Are you looking for a less obstructed view of the outdoors? Consider patio doors or “garden doors”. These are the best alternative to sliding patio doors. They have hinges that let you easily swing in or out. They are built to withstand harsh winter weather. These doors come in many standard sizes. Our pro window makers can also work closely with you to design a customized solution for your home’s needs.

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Custom Entry Doors

Your home’s exterior entry doors go a long way to increasing your home’s curb appeal and value. They make a statement about your personal tastes while providing security and protecting your home from all kinds of weather. At WINMAX, we create custom entry doors that show off your unique sense of style. Every one of our custom entry doors has has a high-end look that’s built to last.

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Sliding Patio Doors Installation

Sliding patio doors are the most popular choice for homeowners who want easy in-and-out access to their patio, deck or terrace. Our patented sliding systems guarantee effortless operation of all sliding patio doors. We’ve made it so that these doors will slide even if dust, dirt or other debris is sitting on the track. Our designs are optmimized to meet your security and energy saving needs.

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Interior Doors Replacement and Installation

You need interior doors that look great and will operate reliably for years tto come. At WINMAX, we only install interior doors made from the highest quality products that don’t contain any harmful chemicals. We offer a ride range of standard and cutmozied solutions to meet all of your interior door needs. Our professional door installers promise to get the job done on time and on budget.