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How to Replace Window Glass in Your Home?

Replacing your window glass is an important process to maintain the integrity of your home. Whether a window is old, broken, or in need of repair in your home our qualified professionals at Winmax will get the job done for you with no hassle.

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Who Can Replace Window Glass?

When the glass is broken it can be very dangerous to work with. With the safety and security of our customers our first priority, our window wise trained professionals will gladly replace your window glass.

Why Replace Window Glass?

Window glass innovation has immensely expanded over the years, replacing your window glass due technology advancements is the smart way to go; ultimately helping you save on heating and cooling bills.

Cost of Replacing Window Glass

Costs vary when replacing windows, whether you are looking for tilted windows, decorated glass windows, or double glass windows, you will be almost certain that Winmax provides it. Window glass replacement averages at about $257.

Windows Glass Replacement Toronto

Replacing Different Types of Window Glass

There are a variety of methods for replacing window glass, one of the most popular methods is the Adhesive tape seal method.

Adhesive Tape Seal Method: To start off, a window glass specialist will remove the window stops with a putty knife by slicing through the tape after flipping the window over. Scraping off excess adhesive and tape from the frame and cleaning it with solvent follows with the final new window installation.

How to Replace Window Glass in a Wooden Frame: One of the first steps to replacing window glass within a wooden frame is thorough putty heating for safe removal. Once complete, ensuring no glass shards stick around is imperative for a new layer of putty to be spread along the pane edges to ensure security.

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How to Replace Vinyl Framed Window Glass: Replacing a vinyl frame can be done through the simple process of removing and replacing the glass while the window unit is kept in place.

How to Replace Metal Framed Window Glass: Sizing is very important for metal frame replacement, the window glass replacement must measure 3.2mm shorter than the groove dimensions.

How to Replace Aluminum Framed Window Glass: Replacing window glass encased in an aluminum frame should be done by disassembling the window, removing the screws and the rubber gasket, inserting a new window pane, and altogether reassembling the window.

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How to Replace Tempered Glass Windows: Tempered windows have a strong and durable type of glass that needs a full frame and window replacement, precisely screwing in the new surrounding frame is an essential task.


When replacing window glass it is important to keep safety in mind as glass can be harmful to your skin and eyes. Wearing protective gloves and safety goggles is important to help prevent any serious damage.

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