Vinyl Windows – All You Need to Know

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When it’s time to replace your old windows with new ones, vinyl window replacements continue to be one of the most popular choices.

There are several different types of window frames on the market so finding the right one can be challenging. There are many things to consider when replacing your windows including style, size, number of glass panes, pane colour, material type and price.

At Winmax Corporation, we will help you choose the best replacement vinyl windows for your home. With over 30 years experience in the window installation, service and replacement industry, we have superior knowledge in all window types. During your free consultation, we will answer all your questions so you have all the facts you need to select the best vinyl window frames for your home. There are many reasons why homeowners opt for PVC vinyl window installation choices over other window types.

Why Vinyl Windows

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There are many benefits to choosing vinyl windows for your home. If you are looking for attractive window panes that compliment both the exterior and interior of your home and are affordable, vinyl window installation is your best option. Not only will you pay less upfront expenses, but you will save in the long run on your energy bills.

New vinyl windows increase the resale value of your home. Not only do they add to the visual appeal of your house, but with their affordable pricing, vinyl window installation will give a great return on investment.

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Another reason replacement vinyl windows are preferred by home owners is because they are highly energy efficient. Vinyl is a thermal resistant material so it naturally keeps the outside temperatures out of your house. With vinyl window frames, it is easier and cheaper to maintain your home’s interior temperature.

Vinyl Windows Energy Efficiency

Vinyl window frames are more energy efficient than other window types because they have lower temperature transference. Unlike other materials, vinyl does not hold heat or cold in or transfer it from the outside into your home so it is easier and less costly to maintain your household temperature.

Vinyl window replacements are also constructed better than other window frames. Unlike their counterparts, vinyl windows are welded together so they do not have seams that air could seep through.

When combined with well insulated, double or triple glass panes, replacement vinyl windows use far less energy to maintain your home’s air quality and temperature so you will not have to run your furnace or air conditioner as frequently. Not only is this better for the environment, but it is also better on your wallet because you will be paying less on your energy bills.

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Low Maintenance

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC vinyl is a highly durable material that requires very little maintenance. Vinyl window frames do not warp, rot damage as easily as other frame types. They do not discolour or fade from sun or other weather damage. For homeowners who want nice looking windows but not the extra work to keep their frames looking good, vinyl window installation is the better choice.

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PVC vinyl window replacements have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 1950’s. Thanks to modern technology, today’s vinyl window designs are made to compliment the interior and exterior of your home. The attractive frames come in different styles and colours to suit your preferences. Because PVC windows are so durable, they retain their beautiful look and colour for the lifespan of the window.

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PVC vinyl is one of the most popular synthetic materials used today because of it is light weight, highly durable, and is multi-functional. It is the most common type of plastic used in building construction because many products, like vinyl window frames, can last for decades. Unlike other materials, PVC does not rot, erode or damage easily. It is shock, chemical, weather and corrosion resistant.

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High quality vinyl window replacements are the most cost effective of all window frame material types. The average price range of installing PVC vinyl windows is between $300 to over $850 However, your PVC window installation can also be as low as $150 or higher than $1,200 depending on the size, type and style you choose.

Vinyl window frames are more lightweight than other window frames so they are easier to install which can save you on labour costs.

Vinyl Windows and the Environment

PVC vinyl is a synthetic plastic material that is made using different chemicals. During its production, harmful chemicals like chlorine and dioxin are released into the air. These chemicals adversely affect the atmosphere’s ozone layer. They are also known carcinogens that can have adverse effects on your health.

PVC is the most difficult synthetic plastic material to recycle and is broken down by incineration. When vinyl window frames are recycled, harmful chemicals are released into the environment affecting the air quality and creating risks to your health.

The Cons of Vinyl Windows

While there are many benefits to vinyl window installation, there are also a few cons. As mentioned, vinyl window frames are made of harmful chemicals that leak into the air during its production and recycling stages. These chemicals have adverse impacts on the environment and your health.

Vinyl window frames are painted when the are made and cannot be repainted once they are installed in your home. If you change the exterior design of your house after your replacement vinyl windows are put in, the colour you originally chose might not go with your new exterior surface and colours. Many homeowners find they have to replace their current vinyl windows with new ones to match the look of their upgraded exterior.

Vinyl windows are not a good option if you have custom made windows because most PVC vinyl frames are made in standard sizes only. If you have customized windows, you will likely not find vinyl window styles to match your custom sizes.

Vinyl Windows Compared to Other Types of Material

Window frames are made of different materials. When considering if replacement vinyl windows are right for your home, you should know how they compare with other window types.

Wood Windows

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Wood is a natural material that really adds great curb appeal to a home, especially for homeowners who like customized or traditional looks to their homes. Vinyl window frames are more contemporary so they do not always compliment customized window designs.

Vinyl window installation is more cost effective than wood windows but where vinyl only last about 20 years, wood window frames will last much longer if they are well maintained.

Vinyl windows require minimal maintenance and are not likely to warp, rot, or erode over time. Wood frames require ongoing regular maintenance because they are prone to warping, rotting and erosion.

Vinyl window replacements are more energy efficient than wood frames. As wooden frames age, they are more prone to air leaks.

Aluminum Windows

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Unlike vinyl windows, aluminum window frames are made of a natural metal that is 100% recyclable and not harmful to the environment. But unlike vinyl window frames that have superior energy efficiency, aluminum metal frames are not as energy efficient because they retain heat and cold temperatures. Aluminum is also prone to condensation buildup whereas vinyl window frames are not.

Aluminum window frames can be painted so they are easier to match the frame to the exterior colour of your home. Vinyl window replacements are coloured when the frames are manufactured and cannot be repainted once they are installed. Matching vinyl window shades to your exterior layout is more difficult with PVC windows.

While aluminum windows are less prone to impact damage than replacement vinyl windows, they are more likely to corrode, especially in areas where the aluminum metal is exposed.

Vinyl windows are also more cost effective and have better noise reduction capabilities than aluminum windows.

Fiberglass Windows

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Fiberglass windows are considered by some to be the better option over vinyl window frames for many reasons. Fiberglass is a highly durable, long lasting material made of 0% recycled glass. Fiberglass can be painted and customized to match any exterior surface. Like vinyl window installations, fiberglass frames are also energy efficient and sound resistant.

Of the two frame types, PVC vinyl is still the most cost effective choice. Homeowners can get the same energy efficiency and protection with vinyl windows as they can with the more costly fiberglass frames.

If you need new windows, talk to us about vinyl window installation in your home. At Winmax Corporation, we are a proudly Canadian company with over 30 years experience in the window installation, replacement and service sector. We will answer all your questions to help you choose the best vinyl window replacement options for your home. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our window styles and designs.

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