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35 years of experience with windows and doors

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Winmax is a known, proven retailer and installer of windows and doors throughout the Greater Toronto Area for more than 35 years. We install, sell and repair all commonly encountered door and window issues, for virtually all brands and kinds of windows. Read on to learn more about our services.

Our Repair Services Include

Windows Repair Services Toronto

Hinge & Hardware Repair

We repair and replace window hardware and parts. If you’re seeing problems such as creaking, improperly closing windows or doors, the issue may lie with your hinges and hardware. Allow Winmax professionals to inspect your windows and doors and determine the problem as well as the quickest, most effective solution.

Door Repair Services Toronto

Panel Repair

We repair broken, cracked or missing door panels. If your doors are cracked and causing your issues, you may benefit from repairs. While we may recommend a replacement depending on the severity of the issue, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible repair services available. We strive to fix your windows and doors as quickly as possible.

Windows Repair Services

Screen Repair and Installation

We install and repair window and sliding door screens, for your enhanced comfort and security. Protect your home against insects, debris and dust, and install a screen door or window. We fix holes in screens, fix issues with alignment and prevent unwanted pests from entering your home. New phantom screens offer more lighting, less intrusive look and better protection against wind and insects.

New Windows Installation by Winmax Windows and Doors


Have a cat or dog scratching at your windows and doors? We offer solutions such as plastic coating, extra-durable screen mesh and superior environmentally friendly pet-doors, for insulated in and outs from interior to exterior.

Windows Glass Repair Services

Glass Repair

Shattered, cracked glass? Condensation on the inside of your window or door glass panels? Improperly insulated, low-quality glass can be a serious detriment to your home’s energy consumption in the winter and the summer. We offer repairs and replacements of glass features in windows and doors and have the capacity to repair all issues.

Windows Replacement Services Toronto

Frame Repair

We have a team of experts who are excellent in custom installation and repair, of all types and brands of windows and doors. We supply our customers with the highest quality window and door products and use these to our advantage when repairing all manner of door and window frames. If your door or window doesn’t open properly, often gets stuck or is causing drafts, it may signal a frame issue. Allow Winmax technicians to service your windows and doors and immediately determine the problem. We repair wood, vinyl and fibreglass frames.

Contact Winmax for superior quality window and door repair services on all kinds of products, call us today 416-491-4400. We offer quick, efficient repair services for products within and outside our product line. Contact us today for a cost and duration estimate of your necessary repairs.