Window Parts & Hardware Replacement

Altogether, windows are a larger picture of many hardworking smaller parts. Our professional window technicians at Winmax will repair and replace the following window hardware:

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Window Cranks

Friction hinges or window cranks are needed to open windows outward while holding the window in place during windy conditions.

Hardware replacement of window cranks is an easy and hassle-free process for our qualified professionals, from carefully releasing the window, removing excess trim screws and lastly installing.

Window Panes

The window panes are essentially the glass of the window built from a variety of heat protectant glass.

Window part replacement is carefully performed for window panes by using a putty knife to remove the surrounding window glaze, measuring the window opening and precisely fitting the new window glass in.

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Window Sill

A ledge at the bottom of the window, window sills are an aesthetically pleasing aspect to the look of your home.

Replacing the window sill can be done by removing the external trim, window frame and binded sill, only to finish off by expertly replacing the attached sill and framing.

Window Sash

Separating glass panes while holding them in place, sash’s are imperative for your window needs, while adding to the beauty of your home.

Replacing a window sash is done in an alike manner as window panes, but with a much more careful eye due to the glass pane having separate sections.

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Window Rails

Window rails include the lower and upper railing surrounding a window pane.

Window Casing

Window casing is essential in window part replacement, keeping you warm and your home well insulated.  A casing is a nontoxic gas that is used around the window framing to keep heat in and cold air out. 


Jambs are the upright sides of the window frame.

Window jamb replacement includes installing brand new jamb liners onto window frame brackets to hold the window plane in place.

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Window Latch Operators

Window latch operators work by closing and opening windows by working congruently with the latch of the window pane.


Balances are the building blocks of sash positioning, keeping each sash counterbalanced.


Operators are cranks used to open and close windows that tilt upward, such as awning windows.

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Window handles make the opening and closing of your window a breeze.


Hinges are an important tool for window parts replacement when keeping the security of your window in mind, holding the window to the frame.

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Sash Locks

A sash lock reduces the impact outside sources may have on the sash.


Rollers create a sliding motion for window panes.


Window guides are a small part of the window that may be attached to the bottom and sides of the frame, ensuring easy opening and closing.

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Windows Hardware Replacement

We pride ourselves in our hard work, with the ability to replace any window-related need within your home, all of our satisfied customers have been pleased with the seamless job we complete with each window part replacement. For more information give us as a call at 416-491-4400  or send an email to, and we will be more than pleased to help you.