Fiberglass vs. Steel Doors


The entry door to your home will play an important role in long-term property security and aesthetics. Amongst the entry door options available to both residential and commercial property owners, wood, fiberglass, and steel are the most common. Although quite timeless and beautiful, wooden doors require significant maintenance and lack the longevity, security, and energy efficiencies of steel or fiberglass.

With that said, the remainder of this article will explore the differences between fiberglass and steel door alternatives, offering up insights into which makes the most sense for your home or business.

Installation Process

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The proper installation of steel and fiberglass doors is important to ensure that they are providing all of their security and energy efficiency features.

For fiberglass doors, installation involved door frame measuring, followed by the addition of hinges and the attachment of the door itself. Since fiberglass doors are pre-hung, the installation of them is quite easy. If any fit issues present themselves, you can add shims to the doorway to ensure they are taken care of.

For steel doors, the installation process is slightly more involved. It will be required that you cut the door to the specifications of the doorway measurement. Anchors and wall frames will then need to be added to ensure that the steel door fits well in the space provided. In some instances, the drywall may be needed around the frame.


The cost associated with the purchase and installation of fiberglass and steel doors will vary greatly depending on door style, quality, and size.

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For fiberglass doors, you should anticipate a purchase price of $800-1,000. For higher quality fiberglass door solutions, budget between $1,500-2,500. In addition to the purchase price of the door, it’s advised that you have it professionally installed. The cost for a professional fiberglass door installation will be approximately $700-4,000, depending on the work labor hours and prep work required.

For steel doors, you should anticipate a basic entry purchase price of $200-500, with higher quality solutions running $1,000+. In addition to the purchase price of the door, it’s advised that you have it professionally installed. The cost for a professional steel door installation will be approximately $600-1,800, depending on the work labor hours and prep work required.

Energy Efficiency

Both fiberglass and steel doors will provide major efficiency boosts over their wooden alternatives. If you’re looking for the most efficient food solution over the longest period of time – especially in areas with extreme weather – a fiberglass door will be the solution you need. Although steel doors are an upgrade over wood, they don’t provide the same energy efficiencies as their fiberglass counterparts.


For both fiberglass and steel doors, there will be very little maintenance required.

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To keep fiberglass doors looking fresh over the years, it’d be best to wipe them down and repaint them as necessary. For a deep cleanse, you can always oil and pressure wash them to remove any dirt and debris, however, it’s important to be gentle so as to not cause any denting.

For steel doors, it’s best that you keep them well-oiled. Due to the potential for rust, there is no need to hose down or regularly clean them, and it’s certainly an instance in which less is more for maintaining their quality over time.


Steel entry door installed by winmax

Both steel and fiberglass doors will do a good job of protecting your home from intruders and the elements.

Thanks to their thick, non-penetrative material, and their stronghold to the frame of the house, steel doors will provide the greatest security of the options available.

Fiberglass doors, on the other hand, will be easier to manipulate and therefore less secure. Should an intruder want to gain access, or a bad storm makes its way through your neighborhood, it’s more likely that a fiberglass exterior door gives way.


Depending on the quality of material you opt to install, both fiberglass and steel exterior doors will provide ample durability.

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Although more likely to scratch and dent due to their thinner outer layer, steel doors will provide maximum protection against door penetration. Due to their solid steel core, it will be incredibly difficult for a steel door to lose its structural integrity, and therefore it will remain durable over years of heavy usage.

On the other hand, fiberglass doors will be far more prone to bending and breaking over time. Although they are similarly susceptible to dents and scratches, the lighter fiberglass material has the potential to crack as it ages.


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Due to the nature of the material, steel doors are unable to adequately handle the temperatures presented to them. As such, cold or warm temperatures on the outside will transfer through the door and into the house. This constant heating and cooling of the steel door, especially over long periods of time, may compromise its quality.

As an alternative, fiberglass doors have the ability to reflect the heat, working better to ensure that the home temperature is better regulated and that the door itself can maintain high quality over time.

Entry Door Resale Value

For fiberglass vs steel doors, both will provide an increased resale value over their wooden door counterpart. When comparing the two, steel doors will have the highest resale value, with an expected investment recouping of approximately 90%. Fiberglass doors, on the other hand, are expected to recoup approximately 77% of the dollars invested.

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