Entry Door Buying Guide

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Exterior doors not only act as the main port of entry into your home but the right door can be a real eyecatcher. When looking to buy an entry door, there are plenty of options to choose from. All the choices can make your selection confusing.

Today, exterior threshold doors not only allow people into your home but they also represent your personal taste and style. When picking the right entrance door there are different features to consider. These five tips will help you find the perfect front door for your home.

1. Window Material

Exterior door thresholds are made of three different types of material:




Wood door



Choosing the right type of material for your front door will depend largely on what you want from your door. If you are looking for a natural, cost-effective material and do not mind a little maintenance work to keep your door looking its best, wood doors are a perfect choice.

For those looking for an eco-friendly, low maintenance, durable door that comes in different styles and colours, fiberglass exterior doors are an excellent choice.


Steel doors are the most durable and long-lasting. They are made to withstand the harshest weather and unwanted intruders, providing the best protection for your home. Steel doors are more expensive but require little maintenance. They come in a variety of colours and designs to suit your personal tastes and needs.

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2. Window Size

Choosing the right size of an exterior door is important for many reasons. The wrong size door not only takes away from the whole aesthetic look of your home, but an ill-fitting exterior door can jamb when opening or closing it. This can be especially problematic if you own a wooden door because they expand and contract when the temperature changes.

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3. Window Colour & Style

Exterior doors come in several different colours and styles. When buying a front door, choose a design and colour that will complement the architectural structure of your home to create an eye-catching entranceway.

Front doors come in flat or ridged designs and can be solid or have decorative windows. They can be single doors, French, or have paneled sections. Doors also come with different types of hardware including handles, door knockers, locking systems, and other decorative fixtures.

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4. Eco-Friendly Windows

An environmentally friendly exterior door will lower your heating bills by keeping the outside temperatures out of your house. Steel and wood entrance doors are made using natural materials that can be recycled and reused.

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5. Security Features

Consider the security features you want when you are buying a front door. Your exterior door threshold should help protect your home from intruders, unwanted critters, and severe weather.


Installing the right front door on your home is not only functional. Buying the right entry door will compliment the architectural design of your house. An attractive front door creates an inviting entry way that reflects your own unique, personal style and taste. Buying the right entrance door also increases the value of your property.