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upgrading your current windows to more energy-efficient ones? The key point is that replacing your existing windows is slightly more complicated than simply installing windows in a home building project. A number of factors can affect the quality of your window installation. Things such as proper sealing, measurements, insulation, etc. can be the difference between a cold, drafty home and a cozy, well-insulated one.

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A few of the most commonly encountered scenarios homeowners face


Cold Drafts: Your newly installed windows or doors can result in cold drafts throughout the home in winter months, as a result of improper insulation. In cold weather countries such as Canada, this is an incredibly important portion of your home’s environmental efficiency. Improperly insulated windows are likely to cost you bundles of cash in the long run, and reduce the comfort of your home.

Wood rot and mold: Your installer may have neglected to properly rid your window and door space of moisture, resulting in wood rot and a greater chance of mould growth. Condensation is also a regularly encountered problem of moisture within the window or doorframe.

Your floors and carpets might be damaged: Increased moisture, improper balancing of HVAC and issues with cold and mold can seriously harm your floors and carpets, embedding them with moisture and eventually causing health problems. Careless installers can also damage your carpets and flooring during the installation process.

For these reasons, it’s imperative to consult with professionals for any major installations and or replacements of window or door products. A sub-contractor who is not certified, licensed and insured, will not offer you the same help that a fully bonded professional will have. Ensure that the products you are buying and installing are covered by manufacturer and installer warranty, in the eventuality that something goes wrong.

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Winmax offers certified, reputable window and door replacements of all shapes and sizes. We take the time to properly measure, estimate and determine which kinds of windows or doors are best for your home’s use and purposes. We install all manner of window and door, and take the time to avoid novice mistakes such as:

  • Blocking holes with sealant, preventing proper drainage
  • Application of film to glass without manufacturer consent
  • Seal metal to metal joints
  • Not using compatible sealants
  • Not ensuring that the framing surfaces are protected from corrosive materials found in external cleaning solutions

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Winmax technicians are skilled and talented, offering the best in window and door replacement, installation and repairs. Our company offers a huge selection of window and door projects such as awning windows, bay windows, sliding windows, double hung tilt windows and custom windows, interior and exterior doors. Contact us for windows, installations, and repairs throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our technicians are reliable, insured and trained. Call us directly at 416-491-4400 or Contact Winmax today!