Standard Window Sizes for Canadian Windows and Doors

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When replacing your home’s windows, it is important to ensure you are choosing the right size and materials to ensure maximum comfort and energy savings. Choosing a professional window installation company guarantees you are working with a team that has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your new windows fit properly.

But how do you know which is the replacement window for your home? Remember as your home ages, your windows can change in shape as the frame becomes weaker or warps. It is important to take accurate measurements that reflect the condition of your window frame so that you can choose the right sized window to fill the space. Most modern homes will be able to accommodate a standard window size. Most manufacturers have several sizing options that can be installed quickly and with minimal adjustments.

Check out some helpful tips that will make sure you have the right size and style of window for your home.

What is a Standard Window Size?

No two homes are alike and the same goes for windows. That’s why you have probably noticed a wide selection of options when shopping for new windows. Most homes are based on standard building designs which means they fit into several basic window sizes.

The most common window size is 24 by 36. This size can easily be applied to traditional window options such as single hung, awning windows and casement windows. Each area of your home will have different window requirements. Most bathrooms and bedrooms have smaller windows while ground floor windows such as kitchens and living rooms have larger windows.

Custom windows may require a more costly bespoke design to be made to fit your window frame. Stand windows generally fit into your existing frame with minimal adjustments and fall within standard installation costs.

What Window Size Do I Need?

Window measurements are taken by factoring in the width and height, allowing for the need for some adjustment around the frame depending on the size of space that needs to be replaced. You can tell the measurement of a window by the number combination. For example, a window that is 2628 would measure a width of 2’6” by a height of 2’8”. It is recommended to allow for a slight differentiation of ½ an inch.

If you have a custom window design, you may need to have a new window made to suit the right size for your space. With more than 18 different window types and styles to choose from, it is important to make sure you are getting the right window to suit your home’s architecture. It is also important to consider how you plan on using the window. If you are looking for a window to provide significant ventilation, you may want to go with a larger size. If you are looking for a window to provide you with a view of your landscaping, a bay or picture window may be more suitable.

Window Profile

The window profile or width of the frame will often determine what kind of window best suits your home. A window is split into two profile categories:

Low Profile such as slider hung, end vent windows. These windows tend to offer more light.

High Profile – such as Casing and awning windows. High-profile windows have a lower surface area and offer less light.

Before you begin your window installation, make sure that any nearby windows will not interfere with your window’s profile. You manufacturer will be able to provide you with a window size chart so you can choose the right window for your home.

Dimensions (In)Low Profile Glazing Dimension (1.5in frame)High Profile Glazing Dimension (3in frame)Surface Area Low vs. High (In2)Percentage Difference
24 x 1221 x 91/8181/16 x 61/16191.63 vs. 111.7671%
24 x 2421 x 211/8181/16 x 181/16443.63 vs. 328.5135%
24 x 4821 x 451/8181/16 x 421/16947.63 vs. 762.0124%
48 x 4845 x 451/8421/16 x 421/162030.63 vs. 1774.5114%
72 x 4869 x 451/8661/16 x 421/163113.63 vs. 2787.0112%

Window Casing

Casings or trim give your window character. Trims for vinyl windows are usually between 2 ⅝ and 3 ⅜ inches. Round windows usually have casings of 2 ⅝ inches. Things like window location and brick moulding will determine the size and placement of casings.


Windows should keep your home protected from the elements. Brickmould ensures there are no drafts by sealing any gaps around the window wall and frame. This exterior strip of material prevents water and air from getting into your home. In Canada, brickmold is generally 1 inch. However, thinner strips ranging from ¾ inches to ⅞ inches can be used where there are bigger brickmould planks.

Jamb Extensions

If you are changing the size of your window or need a little extra coverage to fill gaps, you may need a jamb extension. This piece of material covers any exposed areas around the rough opening of a window. It connects the casing to the frame of the window. Jamb extensions vary by manufacturer and window size. If you are working with siding, you may require a longer jamb extension of up to 4 and ⅝ to ensure there are no gaps. For homes with a traditional 2 by 4 wall, a jamb of 1 ⅜ inch is required. Homes with 2×6 construction may need to go as large as 3 ⅜ inches.

Minimum and Maximum Window Sizes in Canada

To ensure your windows meet energy-efficient guideless as well as any building codes for your area, it is important to understand the minimum and maximum window height restrictions. Your window frame and profile will determine the glass surface area. For example, an egress window must be no less than 15 inches or 38 cm in dimension to ensure a safe exit in case of an emergency.

By taking the time to consult with a window installation expert, you can make sure you are getting the best window size to suit your home’s architecture and any safety guidelines.

Window sizes may also vary depending on how you use your home. If you are using your basement area as a second living space, you may be required to have windows that fit certain building codes. It is important that all windows in your home be large enough to accommodate a possible escape.

A rough window size chart provided by your manufacturer will help you decide what kind of accommodation may be required to ensure the proper fit of your window.

Window TypeMax Width (Inches)Max Height (Inches)
Single Slider (Double Pane)7250
Singel Slider (Triple Pane)7250
Double Slider (Double Pane)7250
Double Slider (Triple Pane)7250
Single Hung (Double Pane)7250
Single Hung (Triple Pane)7250
Double Hung (Double Pane)7250
Double Hung (Triple Pane)7250
Casement (Double Pane)7250
Casement (Triple Pane)7250
Awning (Double Pane)7250
Awning (Triple Pane)7250

Double Hung Window Sizes

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Double-hung windows are one of the most popular window replacement options in Canada. Their ease of maintenance makes them a great choice for homeowners who want to be able to easily clean their windows. Double-hung windows range between 24 to 48 inches in width and 36 to 72 inches in height.

Ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, and hallways.

Picture Window Sizes

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Picture windows are a great way to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. These windows usually do not open, allowing for more custom-size options. Picture windows can be as small as 2 to 6ft in width to as much as 1 to 8 ft in height.

Ideal for living rooms, sunrooms, and bedrooms.

Sliding Window Sizes

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Sliding windows are the perfect way to enjoy the fresh air. They come in a large selection of sizes and can easily be built to suit your living space. Sliding windows can be made to suit a variety of widths ranging from 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches, and 84 inches. Sliding window heights can range from 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches.

Ideal for bedrooms, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Bay Window Standard Sizes

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Bay windows are a classic architectural feature often found in older homes however many modern homes are also incorporating this elegant design that allows for a relaxing view of the outdoors. Bay windows can be customized to fit any space, however, the standard bay window width ranges from 3 foot 6 inches to 100 foot 6 inches. To enjoy maximum sunlight, bay window heights can range from 3 feet to 6 foot 6 inches.

Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and large living spaces that have a large wall that can accommodate a bay window.

Casement Window Sizes

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Casement windows open from the side and offer exceptional airflow for homes in warm climates. They are similar in price to double and single hung windows while offering improved ventilation. Standard casement windows usually range in size from 1 ft 2 inches to 2 ft 11 inches in width with a height range of 2ft 5.5 inches to 6 ft.

Ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Awning Window Sizes

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Awning windows allow you to enjoy a cool breeze on a hot day while providing added security with a limited opening space. Awning windows can be paired with other window styles making them a versatile choice for your home. Awning windows are also an excellent choice for rainy climates as they still allow the homeowner to open them without the rain getting in. Standard awning window sizes run from 2 inches to 3’ 10” inches in width to 1’8” to 7’8” in height.

Ideal for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Custom Size Windows

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Every home has unique architectural features including various sized windows. If you live in a custom home or an older home, you may find your windows do not fit the standard size options. A quick way to accommodate this is to adjust the size of the rough opening to create a smaller or larger space to accommodate a standard size window. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure your windows will provide you with exceptional protection and comfort.

If you can’t find a standard size window and an adjustment will not work, a custom window is the next best choice. Most window suppliers will be able to create a window that fits your frame and profile requirements. Your supplier will take accurate measurements and build to suit your home’s unique window design.

Most custom windows take approximately a week to 10 days to create depending on the size and materials needed. Your supplier will be able to deliver directly to your home so you can ensure it arrives safely and is ready for installation.

Are replacement windows sized the same as new construction windows?

There are several differences between new construction windows and replacement windows. New construction windows are designed for new home builds while replacement windows are designed to slide into existing locations based on modifications to accommodate any gaps. New construction windows are easier to install thanks to nailing attachments or fins that allow for easy placement into the frame.

What’s the Most Common Window Size?

Windows come in a variety of styles and sizes, however, the most common window size is 24 inches by 36 inches. Check with your contractor or manufacturer before purchasing any windows to ensure they fit properly into your window frame.

How Do You Determine Window Size?

The best way to determine a window size is by taking accurate measurements. Never try to guess. With a tape measure, measure from the highest point of the window sill to the top of the window opening. Make sure to check the left side, centre, and right side to make sure all measurements are the same. Window sills can warp over time from weather and age. Use the smallest measurement when placing your order. Any gaps can be filled using the brickmoulds or jamb extensions.

If you live in an older home, you may require the replacement of the entire frame or window sill. Homes built using wood can often experience rotting leaving your window frame weak and unable to accommodate a new, more modern window. Your manufacturer or contractor will be able to help you access the condition of your window frame so that you can make any necessary upgrades to accommodate your new window.

Once you have determined your window size, your manufacturer will be able to create an energy-efficient window that offers maximum protection and comfort for your home.

You should be able to notice and improvement in air flow, draft reduction and energy savings almost immediately.

When you are ready to install a new window, talk to the professional team at Winmax. We can help you find the right window to suit your home and ensure proper installation and fit. Contact us today for a free quote.